wed·dingnoun, often attributive : an act, process, or instance of joining in close association

The definition of wedding is true, but it also encompasses so much more. They can be intimate affairs with close friends and family coming together to witness the joining of a loving couple. They can also be multi day affairs where distinct religious and cultural traditions are celebrated and highlighted. No two couples are identical, and weddings should not be identical.

We work collaboratively with couples to create memorable weddings that are a representation of their creativity and unique identity.

The needs of each couple are different, and we create packages that combine their needs and budgets. Each package can be modified to ensure that all needs are met.

Full Service

For couples that want to play an active part in the planning of the event, but are limited in time and want to focus on enjoying the remainder of the engagement.


For the couples that have a strong idea of what they want and need the guidance to ensure that all the benchmarks are being met.


For the couples who enjoy all the planning details, but want to enjoy the big day without worrying about all the little details.


Coming from a common background to provide personalized service to the exceptional unions.