The Journey

We’ve covered communication, budgeting and finances – which are three of the pillars of a lasting relationship.  These subjects should be referenced on a regular basis, not only during the engagement, but at all times throughout the relationship.

The next two steps are choosing the date and venue.  These will help form the theme for the event, along with shaping the budget.

The date can have major significance, or can simply be when your preferred venue is available.  Some couples choose a specific date because it has significance in their family history.  Maybe it’s the anniversary of her parents.  Maybe it’s the date they met.  In some cultures, the numbers play a part in choosing the date because some numbers have cultural relevance – like the number 8 in the Chinese culture.  Or maybe the date is chosen so it’s easier for him to remember the anniversary – think 7 pm on August 9th (7-8-9).

When choosing your date, it may be wise to think of alternatives to help the budget.  Many venues charge a premium for the busiest times of year.  You are likely to get a better price for a country estate in November than in July.  But one must also think of the additional costs of using a venue in an off time.  You will definitely need to have umbrellas on hand if you are getting married in a traditionally rainy season, and you may not get any outdoor photos if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Regardless of why you choose the date, realize that you may have to change the date if you find a venue you must have, but it’s not available.  Or you may be forced to change the venue if you have your heart set on a date.

The venue will dictate he look and feel of the event more than anything else and is the framework around which everything else is built.  It is a place you should be comfortable and should also represent your style.  If you grew up on a farm and live a rural life, getting married in a loft-space in an urban setting probably isn’t for you.

In my next post, I’ll discuss in detail all the details to consider when choosing a venue.  The decision of a venue is likely one of the largest costs to a wedding and can have many hidden costs that aren’t revealed until after a contract is signed.

Aaron is the Owner & Creative Director at Wise Events and has more than 15 years of experience planning events.

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