Winter Wonderland

As I awoke this morning to a fluffy covering of snow that turned yesterdays unraked yard into a clean slate, I realized how much I enjoy winter weddings.  In the winter, everything outdoors can have a clean and fresh feeling – which are two elements that many couples want at their wedding.

A well planned winter wedding can be the hit of the season.  If it’s early in the season, it can easily be themed around the holidays – with bright colours and seasonal décor.  If you wait until the middle of winter, when it’s coldest out there is often enough snow so that lights can be strung under the snow and it will appear as the landscape is glowing.

One of the biggest advantages to a winter wedding is that there doesn’t need to be an inclement weather alternative, as the event happens indoors.  That way there isn’t a need to duplicate costs or have last minute changes to venues.   Also the event can take on a very homey feel if the location has a fireplace – and who wouldn’t like to have s’mores for dessert?

As you are planning your wedding or any other celebration, look for the bright sides of all seasons.  They are there to be discovered.

Aaron is the Owner & Creative Director at Wise Events and has more than 15 years of experience planning events.

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