Meant to Be

As I sit back and think about where I’m at and where I’ve come from, one thing comes to mind – this business venture of mine is meant to be. Let me take you back a few years – I was just out of University with fresh ideas on how to conquer the world. I had landed a really good job at the University of Minnesota Morris with Sodexo as the Retail and Catering Manager. I was all of 23 years old, didn’t have extensive management background, but had drive, passion and intelligence.

I had been there all of a week when my boss brought me into a planning meeting for a wedding reception. My boss wanted to gauge my reaction and level of comfort so she hadn’t told me that it was a lesbian couple. Little did she know that not only was I über comfortable with a lesbian couple, but I wanted to make this the best damn reception any of their friends had been to.

Looking back I find it funny that the first real reception I was in charge of planning was for a lesbian couple. I guess destiny was calling, even back then.  Destiny and a great mentor, Donna Bauck.

Aaron is the Owner & Creative Director at Wise Events and has more than 15 years of experience planning events.

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